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Is there a possible way that i can access the LCNW through the internet or web browsers without using any remote software's like team viewer? Also, it is possible to migrate the LCNW to LCN-GVS or i will back to the square one?

Hello Aertiongs,

LCN-W was a single-user software. Just one single user at one single pc.
LCN-GVS is a modern, flexible, multi-user software. It can replace any LCN-W-project.
Please note: It's not a simple upgrade - you have to programme all functions manually.
Hi Sir Starke,

Thank you for the info and more power to LCN Team.

Hi Aertiongs,
just have a look to Smarthome Paderborn - iP-Symcon is a inexpensive multiuser software. The webfront needs only a browser, for apple and android devices it's also as app avaiable.
Simply to use, easy to configure. It's coupling via LCN-PCHK to LCN.

All lights, shutters, heatings ... in Paderborn are powered by LCN.

Best regards, Uwe
Hi Sir Uwe,

Thank you for the information you gave, i will look and study on it.

Thanks and Regards,