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Integration with third party visualization

Does anyone tried to integrate LCN with third party visualization? How Can I construct control commands and send them to LCN? Which format of external commands sending by TCP/IP is accepting by LCN-PCHK? Maybe better way is try to use OPC-Server?

LCN-PCHK use own commands, called LCN-PCK. With PCK commands you can controll all LCN-Modules.

Instead, you can use the LCN-GVS with the Extension for Bacnet, Modbus or OPC. If you have experience with OPC, may be it is the better way to use the OPC-Server in the LCN-GVS.
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for using a third party visualization, in my opinion LCN-GVS and OPC-Server is not the best solution, because GVS is then only used as "coupling device".

The documentation of the PCK commands are not part of the LCN-PCHK. What are the requirements to get the documentation of the PCK?

It is right, the LCN-GVS is in this case only the couple-device.

But, if:

- the electrician have experiance with OPC
- the third-party visualisation understand OPC
- the project is a big building with many modules like a office-tower, no family home
- the electrician has no experiance in programming

then it is the better way to use the LCN-GVS. The costs in hard- and software is higher, but they can saved by the programming.

Should it a @home-solution, made as a hobby, or has the customer good experiance in programming many systems, so the LCN-PCHK is probadly the better way.

But, if we dont know the basics in this project, we can't decide, what here the better solution is.
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